Saturday, January 7, 2017

My home is my heaven.

I got up bit relaxed. It's unusual. Most of the time there is some sadness and hoplessness. Today, there was nothing like that. I am loving home. It is a blessing to be in my heaven.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Welcome 2017

2016 was such a nice year for or me. Every day was better than yesterday. In a nut shell it gave me a lot. I travelled twice. I meet so many people, and while meeting them I  found my ownself somehow. I made new friends. I realized how fool is to talk alot. I got serious about so manythings. I did my best as much humanly possible as I could in my field. There are still so much I don't know. Patience and wisdom comes with time. Things have been un folding in front of me. I am way mature. I ring in new year with hope for better, for peace and prosperity. Happy new year !

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Ten Minute Walk.

S, and I got off before our stop. We usually walk and talk. But today I had my camera with me. So we walked, she talked  and I clicked. Nothing much, as we have to reach the uni before 9 am. I took portraits of random strangers. Clicking while walking is definitely not that easy. I have to do it anyhow because of the fear of uncertainty back in my mind. I have no idea when I will do it again.

Today weather is just perfect. My kinda winter. I am glad it is not much cold in Karachi this time around. My Ferozi shawl is enough for me.  We walked for like 10 minute hardly. When I reached the uni my huliya wasn't that presentable. No kajal, no lipstick.

Who cares, wsey bhi?

I ran straight to upstairs to sign in. It wasn't 9 am yet.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Big massive tree in one corner of backyard.

My university's backyard is the place where I sit alone and reflect when things bother me. This place is quite after 4:30 pm. There is this massive tree in one corner. It is so beautiful. Winter is about to come. Sky is so blue these days. Now it gets dark so early. I sit there for half an hour today. There are few things in my life I am unable to understand. The are fine actually. Just my exceptions are so much.  I hope against hope all the time.

Friday, December 2, 2016

3rd Transforming Youth Media Summit 2016

I attended  the 3rd Transforming Youth Media Summit 2016 with my students on Thursday, December 1. It was organized by the Publicity Channel  in the collaboration with the Sui Southern Gas Company at the  SSGC Auditorium, Karachi.

Key note speakers of the Summit were: the formal Federal minister Jawaid Jabber, Sindh Madrasatul Islam University's Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali Sheik, journalist Ayesha Khalid, writer and senior producer at a private news channel, Mr. Mubashir Zaidi, Acting General Manager (CCD) at SSGC, Mr. Shabaz Islam.Faculty of Indus Valley School of Art were also present.

They shared their knowledge, experiences, and challenges regrading media industry with the students. Mr. Shabaz Islam's motivational speech with presentation sure had motivated and inspired young peeps presented in the auditorium to do better and bigger in their lives. Mr. Jawaid Jabbar was in his element as usual. He expressed  his concerned over the unchecked  freedom electronic media of Pakistan is enjoying now a days.

Students could have gained more knowledge if it had started on the given time, which was 2:30 pm first, then 3:00 pm and finally 3:30 pm. And due to that much delay they had to cancelled the panel discussion session. 

This summit was basically initiated for the media students as a career guidance program in 2014. A platform for future media person where they could listen and get the chance to engage with their role models from the their own industries___media.